Firstly, owning a vibrator is completely normal. Forget any taboo you may have on them – Its normal! However, shopping for vibrators can be a lot like online dating: awkward, overwhelming, and quite frankly confusing – who knows how to divide the high-quality ones from the “less effective” styles? What’s the difference between battery-powered and rechargeable? Does the power really matter? Will you use it in the bath or shower? And for goodness sake, do you really need that one that looks like a penis?

Once you have a rough idea on what size/shape you might be after, think about how you’re going to use your new vibrator. For example, if you want something for internal stimulation pay close attention to the shape and what movement the toy may have. If you’re looking for a little extra external clitoral stimulation, consider whether you might prefer a vibe made from a squishy or hard material. If you want a really powerful vibrator, then you might like a rechargeable vibrator that will provide stronger power for much longer. Noise levels might also be a factor for you, so look for something that’s labelled as extra quiet.

Vibrators can also come in a number of different materials. Choosing what material your vibrator is made of  will make a immense impression on how it feels to you when using it. Skin-safe rubber or jelly rubber is soft and pleasurable – it’s used for things like rabbit vibrators and finger vibes as the vibrations travel through the ears and any nodules to give a tingly, tickly feeling. Plastic vibrators are hard to the touch, which makes them great for a more firm, solid and precise stimulation.

Sometimes the plastic is given a velvety coat, which gives the vibrator a soft feel that is still firm and solid. Silicone is a premium vibrator material which feels silky to the touch and warms up and cools down fairly quickly so a great addition for temperature play (not to mention its hypoallergenic so great for sensitive skin). One thing to remember when using a silicone vibrator is that you must NEVER use silicone lube with it. ALWAYS use water based lubricants.

Whether it be on your own or with a partner, a vibrator makes it so much easier to reach orgasm and not to mention FUN! Discover a wide range of vibrators to bring fun to your sex life and new ways to play with your partner. At Wicked Desires you can browse the very best selection of adult toys and shop with confidence.

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