To Douche or not to douche, that is the question!

Firstly, what is a douche and why do people use them? The word “douche” means to wash or soak. So essentially you are washing out your body part. Anyone, who has ventured down the pathway of anal play has probably also worried about the whole poop thing. Completely understandable. Some may just go down the avenue of a thorough shower and hope for the best, others may go down the road of anal douching.

So to be clear, anal douching is flushing out ones rectum with water.

So why do people choose to do this? Well it comes down to personal preference and peace of mind to hopefully avoid that “ick” factor….. It is really no secret that your rectum is the exit for your poop, so can make some anxious about leaving behind a trail of destruction, which douching can help to avoid.

S, is it really necessary? No its not. The rectum is a wonderful body part designed to keep your poop nice and high until its time have your bowel movement. Having a good wash in the shower (or bath if that’s your thing) can help take care of any stragglers. No one likes a freeloader. But we all know poop doesn’t discriminate and can be very likely to make an appearance and that can really suck the enjoyment out of your sexual experience. So douching can help you feel much more comfortable and relaxed about the whole process.

Be sure not to overdo the derriere deep clean. Ideally you should limit the amount you douche to no more than 2 or 3 times a week and most certainly do not douche more than once in the same day.  You will throw out your body’s natural elimination rhythm if you were to do it too often. Watch what water temperature you use when it comes to your douching experience because burning your tush tunnel probably isn’t recommended for the experience. Most douche bulbs (available at are reusable. They are usually a rubber or silicone bulb with a nozzle at the end. Some nozzles can be harder plastic which can be a uncomfortable for beginners, but you can get some with more flexible tips making them a little more bum-friendly.

What could happen if you over-douche?

You risk damaging your anus and intestinal lining, even when you take all the necessary steps and douche properly.

You also risk throwing off the balance of electrolytes and disrupting your body’s natural elimination rhythm when you do it too often.

The bottom line

Poop happens, and it’s perfectly natural. You don’t need to use a douche or an enema to enjoy safe anal play. But if using one will make you feel more comfortable so you can relax and focus on your pleasure, then go for it and have fun!

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