Glass Dildos

No pleasure tools are more graceful, more beautiful or more carefully crafted than toys made of glass. Smooth and sensual, buying glass toys online are the pinnacle of sophistication and a must-have for all those wanting a strong sense of style to go with their sensuality.

Each glass toy is made of high quality borosilicate glass, the same basic material used in proper high strength cookware. They look delicate but are strong enough to withstand even the most enthusiastic use. Chip resistant, scratch resistant, and shatter resistant, they will outlast all other toys with ease.

Glass is also the most hypo-allergenic material available. People with sensitive skin will enjoy the peace of mind that comes from a toy that never, ever degrades. They are smooth and easy to sterilise. Unlike softer sex toys online, they also require very little extra lubrication, and thus are perfect for people allergic to commercial lubricants.

The texture of glass is completely unique from any other style of adult toys online. This smooth toy feels almost ghostly when used for penetrative play, as the slick surface is hard for the body to register, yet there is still weight and the presence of the toy inside the body. These glass toys online are outstanding performers for anal play and G spot play, applying the right amount of pressure just where it’s needed without overstimulating the rest of the orifice.

Acquiring this heavily textured sex toy online can provide mind-blowing amounts of sensation without the need for vibration. The unyielding nature of glass means each ripple and wave is amplified, and every stroke of the toy resonates through each and every nerve.

Wicked Desires recommends using a water-based lubricant when purchasing your new toy. Textured glass can be uncomfortable without the extra help, and even smooth toys feel better with a bit more slipperiness.  While glass toys can be sterilised in boiling water, a mild bleach solution or even run through the dishwasher, it’s much less fuss to just spray and rinse with a toy cleaner.

Smooth and sexy, Wicked Desires has a range of glass toys online that are sure to entice and excite even the fussiest of skin types and fashion guru’s.

Be sure to read our guide on How to Use a Glass Dildo.

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