Prostate Massage Wands

Why use prostate massage wands? Maybe you should be asking yourself, why not?

The prostate is the most neglected of all male erogenous zones. Tucked away beyond the anus, it can be challenging to find, but very rewarding for those willing to take the plunge and look for it. Prostate orgasm is uniquely rich and rippling. With our prostate massagers you can have a fuller, more sustained sensation. It’s well worth the effort it takes to find it.

There are ways to make the hunt easier. A prostate wand is a sex toy that makes locating the prostate a hell of a lot more straightforward. Most prostate massage wands are soft, narrow wands, with a gentle bend a few inches along the shaft. They are specifically designed to reach the prostate with the maximum of comfort and a minimum of fuss. This allows men to manipulate the wand themselves comfortably, without have to bend too much. It also allows a special someone to insert the wand for you instead.

Lubrication is always of the utmost importance. Go crazy with it. Once the anus is thoroughly lubricated, gradually insert the probe. Take your time with it, like all anal play patience and relaxation is the key. The curve of this adult toy online should be pointing towards the bellybutton. Gently insert the length of the sex toy, until a distinct sense of pressure against the prostate is achieved Some men enjoy a firm, sustained pressure, and others enjoy more of a thrusting motion. It may take a little bit of patience, but is well worth the extra effort.

Wicked Desires recommends you take special care with hygiene, as all anal toys require extra attention to maintain cleanliness. Use a specialist antibacterial toy cleaner to kill off any nasties the anal toy may pick up during use. Never share anal toys between partners.

We also suggest that vibrating toys only ever be powered with lower power non-alkaline batteries, as strong batteries like rechargable’s or lithium cells overwork the motor of your toy and wear it out prematurely.

Enrich your love life with prostate play. Buy  your prostate massagers online today, from Wicked Desires.

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