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Are you a little wicked by nature? When it comes to tongue in cheek humour we can all appreciate a little naughty novelty? You know all the things that represent sex, swearing, farting and did I mention Sexxxxxxxxxxxxx… Of course I did. 

All that is required when it comes to this category is an open mind and a sense of humour. Whether it might be for a bachelorette, or buck’s party, maybe even a divorce party, a birthday gift or just something a little extra in the secret Santa sack (the one he carries, not his sack, sack…). Whatever the occasion there will always be a wide range of products available at for those who are willing to go a little risqué. 

Whether you’re after a mischievous gift, or a tongue in cheek accessory. These novelties tend to be Wickedly Naughty (and at times hilarious) and are the sort of adult novelty that goes way above the basic level, but without being grossly over the top. Naughty novelties will cover the cheeky, eye-widening, fun and somewhat useful naughty little gift you are looking for, for just about anyone. 

You can keep things light hearted or you can most definitely go the more vulgar route. Either way there will always be something to choose from with no judgement. If you have a friend who loves a good gag (and by that we mean joke!), then Shop for the perfect dirty, naughty (sometimes maybe even a little sexy), or just outright cheesy novelty. Life’s too short to always be serious anyways….

 Wicked Desires Adult Boutique Formally known as Naughty But Nice


We’ve been in the adult novelty business for a long time, and we offer only the very best range in adult toys online for your convenience. We make naughty so much nicer! If you would like more information regarding our online adult shop, or our Sex Shops in Brisbane. Please call us on: (07) 3806 5447.

Find out for yourself why – Wicked Desires, is better together!

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Suck A Bag Of Sour Dicks!


Boozy Bingo Scratch-Off


Cock Rockets Oral Sex Candy – Grape


Suck a Bag of Dicks! Bag of 25

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