Anal Lubricants

When it comes to anal play we highly recommend you select a good quality anal lubricant for the occasion. Why, you may ask? Well, while your vagina will self lubricate, your anus actually doesn’t. So in our opinion this makes it much more crucial to make sure you have a good quality anal lubricant before diving into the nether region. Without a lubricant can not only be super painful, you can actually cause a little damage with anal tears in that sensitive anal canal tissue causing some bleeding. 

Anal lubricants tend to be that little bit more thicker and more slicker for a more comfortable and pleasurable time.  The anal walls are much thinner than those in the vagina so they require something with much more viscosity to keep them nice and slippery. By keeping the back entry slippery you are reducing the chance of cuts and tears to the inside of the rectum. By having abrasions you are increasing the risk to contacting an STI – no one needs that. On a side note  this is why condoms are also key in anal play. Safe sex is good sex. 

Silicone lubricants are usually the preferred method of lubricant for anal play but in saying that if you are using a silicone toy then water is best. Your anus will absorb water quickly, so take this into consideration when using a water based lubricant in this area (hence why silicone lubes being great for anal play). In saying that, if you’re using a silicone toy then always go with a water based lubricant, just use a lot! Silicone breaks down silicone and you most definitely don’t want your toy breaking down whilst it is inside your butt!! Take note to reapply water based lubricants and always use a lot. 

If a product suggests its ‘numbing’ then please AVOID this item. Stay far, far away. Products that suggest they will take the pain away usually sounds too good to be true. Well that’s because it is. Pain is actually your bodies way to let you know to maybe slow down or that something may be wrong. Whether you are experiencing anal sex with a penis or with a toy, just relax, be safe and have some great butt fun. 

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