Warming Lubricant

It doesn’t matter what the weather is doing outside, when you are using a warming lubricant it makes sex hot anytime of the year! It’s a nice subtle way to also introduce temperature play into the bedroom. If you like to dabble with different sensations then having a warming lubricant in your bedroom kit is definitely a must have. 

Now besides its most obvious feature (Yes I mean warming up), a good quality warming lubricant will add more than adding a slipperiness to your body and its most sensitive areas. It can actually help enhance those arousal sensations, by providing extra sensations to even the most subtle types of bedroom play. In some instances having that warming sensation can help with more intense orgasms  (We’d like to think no one would decline that little bonus)…

So if you are craving something a little different, maybe some new sensations between the sheets, then a warming lube can definitely assist you with that request.Wicked Desires has all the options for you to bring back the heat into your bedroom, whether it’s for couple play, toy play or even a little solo play. Is it getting hot in here?!…..

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Find out for yourself why – Wicked Desires, is better together!

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HOT BIO Warming Lube – 100 ml


Wicked Aqua Heat – 120ml


Wicked Aqua Heat – 60ml


Wicked Ultra Heat – 60ml


Astroglide Warming Personal Lubricant 73.9ml

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