Anal Beads

Nope these bad boys are not the same as a butt plug.  Regardless of the name these are not sphincter accessories but they most certainly are butt-centric sex bliss. They do get there name by resembling a piece of rope or string with weird ball shapes attached down it in a variety of sizes. It is a common occurrence for anal beads to be confused with anal plugs. They are both anal right? But an easy way to remember the difference is in their names. Beads tend to be longer and anal plugs tend to be shorter and just like the name suggests “plug-like”. With the plugs the pleasure is from the feeling of fullness and the weight of the plug whereas with beads the pleasure sensation is mostly from the removal. 

Anal beads are the misunderstood sex toy when it comes to adult play. People are quick to disregard them before actually realising the potential in pleasure these amazing butt tools can really do. The anus is surrounded by many nerve endings that can usually be missed with a conventional butt plug. Anal beads can help stimulate these nerves of the sphincter muscle by just being inserted and removed.  

You must be aware that unlike the vagina, things absolutely can get lost in your butt. Hence why it is extremely important to look for beads that have a flared handle or loop for easy removal. This will avoid you having to make any embarrassing little trips to the emergency room, and believe me, it does happen. Remember loops and flared bases are super important here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…. 

The beauty with beads is that you don’t need to use the whole thing. So if you are uncomfortable by how long some may be, remember there is no rule set in stone saying you absolutely have to insert the entire length up your bum. Start slow. Just insert the first one or two and go from there.  Always remember to use a great quality lubricant when using these beads also. Your anus doesn’t lubricate so a good quality slippery lubricant will help enhance any anal experience. 

The removal of anal beads is what makes them so pleasurable so we suggest trying to time the removal of the beads to sync up with you or your partners orgasm. As the beads are removed, they will cause sensitive nerve endings to become aroused. This creates a series of pleasurable sensations, sort of like having a muscle massaged. Start by pulling them out one by one with a deliberate, consistent, not to slow motion, this can amplify the intensity of orgasms or even initiate one.  

Beads are also not just for anal passages. You can also use them vaginally. We would suggest though having a set of beads dedicated solely to vaginal use to avoid any cross contamination of bacteria. We also suggest you have a good quality adult anti bacterial toy cleaner to wash after each and every use. 

The options are endless when it comes to the variety available in anal beads. Glass, metal, silicone or vibration, we suggest you try them all! The hardest part will be choosing which one to pick first!

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