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So we’re not sure who needs to hear this, but you should be incorporating massage oils into your sex routine reg-u-lar-ly….. We often focus solely on genital touch, ignoring other erogenous zones of the body that can significantly increase our arousal. A sensual massage can “help add new forms of stimulation into our sexual repertoire” because you’re paying attention to your partner’s entire body rather than just their pleasure points. Applying a little body oil to yourself or your partner will help you feel loosened up and ready to go, which is very important for setting the mood.

So, what is massage oil?

Simply put, it’s an oil, that’s used during a massage to lubricate the skin and reduce friction. While it may be tempting to use something you already have on hand, such as the trusty ole baby oil, the strong scent is probably not what you’re looking for when trying to set that sensual, sexy mood. Instead, you’ll want something that allows your hands to glide smoothly over your partner’s body without taking their attention away from the luxurious sensations they’re experiencing.

A few factors must be considered when deciding on the best massage oil. Consider the atmosphere you want to create: do you want to relax, soothe, excite, stimulate, or all of the above? When sensual and erotic massage is done correctly, it combines a deep understanding of the body with the best sensual massage oil to both arouse and relax, resulting in a wide range of emotional, physical, and therapeutic benefits. Here at Wicked Desires we have everything you need to ensure everyone enjoys the benefits provided from a wide range of sensual, massage oil, resulting in all kinds of wicked fun!

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