Silicone lubricants

When it comes to sex, the wetter the better we say!! This is a rule no one can deny that is a great one to go by regardless of what sexual escapades you enjoy. This wetter logic works great because when you team up with a silicone lube wetter is exactly what you are getting! If you are someone who only associates using a lubricant because of vaginal dryness then you my friend need to step outside the box and completely get rid of that mindset. Think more along the lines of less friction, smoother skin, and quite frankly all round amazing, better sex – no matter your gender, age or stage in life!!!

Silicone lubricant is slippery. Very… Slippery!! It is the ideal lubricant choice for a marathon sex session because of its long lastingness. It requires you to apply less, and the need for reapplication is very minimal. Silicone lubricant is also the perfect choice for those water romps in the shower, as they don’t wash away so easily. The catch to this is you have to take a little more time to wash it off afterwards, but nothing a little soap and water can’t clean up. If you use silicone lubricant in the bedroom just be mindful to avoid getting any on your sheets.. No one needs to have to explain that stain….

Silicone based lubricants are not usually recommended for use with your adult toys especially those made from silicone due to the possibility of the lubricant causing the surface of the toy to breakdown/dissolve, resulting in it to also become sticky to touch, swell and cause unwanted disintegration of your adult toy over time. This doesn’t mean all adult toys are out of bounds though. Silicone lubricants are completely safe to use with glass, hard plastics and steel made products. 

Now is it time to get silicone, slippery?

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