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Wicked Desirese has you covered with a great range of prolong creams and sprays online, are prices that are sure to please!

Enhance your performance, go for longer and stronger with an awesome prolong cream online today! These fantastic prolong creams and sprays online are safe for condoms and your skin too! Just apply some cream or spray, and your on your way to the best sex of your life.

Or how about attracting your lover like never before with Pheromones? Pheromones are invisible and scent free. Given off by animals and humans alike, it’s your bodies way to attract the opposite sex. The more sex you have, the more pheromones you secrete and thus become even more sexy. So manufacturers have bottled pheromones into tiny concentrated bottles, giving you instant sex appeal, even if the relationship has gone a little south of the bedroom lately. A quick spray and your away! Your partner literally wont know what hit them. Suddenly you seem sexier, stronger and more masculine.

At Wicked Desires we endeavour to bring the very best of prolong creams and sprays online, perfect for your special someone, or even with your favourite sex toy online during solo sessions. You’ll have to agree, our adult store online is Australia’s best known, reliable and safest ways to purchase all your prolong creams online.

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Skins Natural Delay Spray-30ml


Skins Natural Delay Serum-30ml


Powerect Intimate Cream – 20ml


Big Dick Energy Prolong Spray – 29 ml

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