Non Vibrating Dildos

What is a dildo? A non vibrating dildo is a sex toy that is usually penis-shaped and specifically designed for vaginal or anal penetration. A dildo should not be confused with a vibrator. Vibrators buzz and create a different sensation because of that. Vibrators are also battery operated. Dildos are not operated by batteries; therefore the sensations created by using a dildo will be from manual insertion and movement of the device. This stimulation provided by inserting, removing or thrusting a dildo is very similar to the stimulation you would feel from a penis. Sometimes people may use them in other ways such as running them over the skin during foreplay, as a gag or even to simulate or practice giving oral sex. At other times you may want to use a specifically designed dildo to explore and stimulate the G-spot. The options are really endless as non vibrating dildos can be used anywhere on your own or your partners body. The key word is to explore!

However, some non vibrating dildos do not look exactly like a penis. Dildos can come in a rainbow of colours and a variety of shapes, textures, and styles. Some people prefer to use a dildo that completely resembles the color, shape, and texture of a real penis. But others prefer something different such as a dildo that is hot pink or one that lights up. The choices are endless. Non vibrating dildos can be made from a variety of materials including: plastic, rubber, latex, silicone, and “jelly”. Dildos can be used by people of all genders and sexual orientations. They can be used for masturbation or for other sexual activity, on your own or with a partner.

With our range of sex toys online it’s not that hard to find the perfect fit. Wicked Desires recommends using a good water based lubricant with all toys. Even if you don’t normally use a lubricant, the extra slickness will enhance sensation and improve your dildo experience.

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