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Once upon a time, sexual stimulation products weren’t known to be experimental or next level until it was found that using electrical stimulation not only as an alternative for physical therapy and pain management that it was also very pleasurable (enter Estim; Electro Sex Toys)…. Not only does electro stimulation vibes offer unbelievable sensations it also helps enhance ones general well being…. Now who really doesn’t want that?

E-stim is short for electrical stimulation and in the past couple of years, it has become more and more popular. That’s not really surprising though: There are quite a lot of nerves in your private regions – many more than in other areas of your body, that’s why you’ll find you are so sensitive there – and with a properly tuned stimulator, you can tingle each of these nerves into ecstasy.

The use of Electro Stimulation (E-Stim) for erotic pleasure (electrosex!) is enjoyed extensively worldwide, but as with most activities there are some safety considerations. Electro Sex Toys are usually not suited for anyone with a pacemaker, or medical infusion device; a heart disturbance; used during pregnancy and it should never be used across the chest (hand-to-hand on the same person counts as ‘across the chest’), or above the neck.

Let Wicked Desires Online open your minds and show you a whole new world to “Stimulation” with our glorious range of Electro Sex Toys!

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